Using a 50 gallon plastic drum to collect and biodegrade human waste.  Worms present in the toilet convert the waste into valuable fertilizer.  Uses no water, so there is no sewage to pollute groundwater.  Materials are locally available and cheap, under $50 US to build.   

Worm Composting Toilets

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Local practices for sewage treatment include mostly septic systems in small towns.  Often, these septics are below the water table in the wet months, potentially polluting local waters where fisherman dive and surfers ride.  SWoBs built this toilet with Pepe, who was the Vice President of the town. 

download  Compost Toilet Plans.pdf

Barra de la Cruz, Oaxaca

Here at Nexpa, we built a composting toilet and are doing beach clean ups.  We are sharing copies of Introduccion a la Permacultura by Bill Mollison to the locals and sharing ideas about sustainability.  It is really inspiring to see the local people excited about Permaculture.  It is their roots, they already know it.

August 27th, 2008 update

SWoBs are now in the state of Michoacan at Barra de Nexpa.  We have been scoring some great waves and finding a lot of support for sustainability. 

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