Seeking Demonstration Sites!

SWoBs is looking to develop Sustainable Surf Camps and Permaculture Surf Retreats over the world’s Oceans.

We want to partner with existing or new Surf Camps who have a desire to become more sustainable in their day-to-day operations.  We will visit the site to consult with you in order to help redesign and retrofit existing infrastructure to function more efficiently and cost effectively.

The goal is to save the camp expenses, improve the ecology of the site while benefitting the local commmunity, and create a unique and more fulfilling experience for the guest. 

For example:

Edible Landscaping

On-site organic food production

Rainwater Harvesting systems

Water Filtration systems

Greywater systems

Composting toilets

Worm Composting

Blackwater systems

BioGas Systems

Solar and Wind power systems

Waste Reduction and Conversion systems

Community Development Projects

Surf and Learn

We have created an educational curriculum around sustainability and surfing, Permaculture Surf Retreats.  Guests surf in the morning, learn in the afternoon, and surf in the evening.  Flat days are spent doing projects at the Camp and the local community to promote sustainability.

Sustainable Surf Camps serve as demonstration sites not only for guests but for locals as well.  They are training centers for locals, and local graduates teach other locals Permaculture Design.  In order for true long term success of any project locals must be included, and often their expertise is crucial for design.

With growing awareness surfers are realizing that our oceans are hurting- and we are all to blame.  Our sport produces its own toxic footprint, and we need to lead in cleaning up our act- not just because we swim in everything that runs off the land.

Part of that process is learning how to live with less impact- to be “sustainable”.  Eat organic, ride your bike, recycle.  We must also push further towards true sustainability, grow our food, walk, use no plastic. 

The world needs places to go to touch and feel what sustainability looks and tastes like.  By creating Demonstration sites we can show this on the ground, and we also open up the dialogue with people by asking them their own experience.

Sustainable Surf Camps

Integrate food production into your site

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Contact us to become a Demonstration Site!

Contact us to become a Demonstration Site!