The Need

Ocean pollution is reaching an all time high.  Plastic and agricultural chemicals mix with human waste and heavy metals to form a toxic brew; one that we as surfers bathe in as often as possible, and one that provides food for many Coastal Communities.

Developing countries face pressure from abroad to sell their land to the highest bidder, and then watch it become more strip malls, luxury vacation rentals, or multinational agricultural conglomerate farms. 

This pressure leads to more pollution as a result of unsustainable design, and drives the price of living up beyond local means.  Land, food, and clean water are becoming scarce and expensive commodities. 

We as surfers need to create new relationships with the cultures we encounter while traveling, one that is based on mutual understanding as opposed to economic domination.

The Solution

The Ocean is the drain for the planet- it is downhill from everywhere.  Our actions on Land directly affect the health of the Ocean.  With Permaculture and Sustainable Design we can stop pollution from being produced in the first place.

All environmental issues facing the world today are the result of poor design.  We can grow food without toxic chemicals.  We can provide clean drinking water inexpensively.  We can utilize waste as a resource.

We can Clean The Ocean and The Earth


Surfers Without Borders is a humanitarian aid organization dedicated to creating Projects that Teach Environmental Awareness, Reduce Ocean Pollution, Promote Sustainable Development, and Foster Good Relations between Surfers and Coastal Communities around the world.


Surfers Without Borders believe that a dedicated group of individuals can change the course of environmental destruction and cultural intolerance.  We serve as ambassadors for an ever growing, global group of concerned athletes and activists.

SWoBs have four goals:

  1. 1.Reduce ocean pollution through Sustainable Design

  2. 2.Help communities create a secure and sustainable water and food supply

  3. 3.Stimulate Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development in coastal communities through education and hands-on projects

  4. 4.Create and maintain positive relationships between surfers and the cultures they visit through Community Art Projects

Our Work

We work within the context of a local community’s needs and resources.  First, we begin community outreach in order to gain the trust of the locals.  We then investigate the specific needs of that community, and create projects that provide positive solutions that are simple and long-lasting.

SWoBs relate to local people, create projects that promote sustainability, and integrate different cultures.

Permaculture Design

Workshops are offered at a reduced rate for locals and subsidized by international students.  During the workshop a project that supplies a real need is implemented in that community- for example, constructing dry composting toilets to keep sewage out of the water supply, or planting trees to mitigate climate change.

Community Art Projects

Art projects are implemented into community activities.  Emphasis is placed on personal empowerment and environmental subjects.  Instruction and some supplies are provided.

Who Are We?

We are surfers, artists, and designers

We are inspired by life and the endless possibilities of Creation

We welcome any input about potential projects and areas in need.  Contact us

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Surfers Without Borders is a project of The Ocean Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible, and go directly to SWoBs for projects and education devoted to improving ocean quality.