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Keep It Clean!

from the Coastal CODE blog:

Four individuals have been selected to embark on an expedition along the Alaskan Coast to study the global impact of marine pollution and further their involvement in improving ocean health. These four “CODE Keepers” will use the knowledge and experience gained from the trip to make a positive difference in their hometowns , which span the Pacific Coast from Anchorage to San Diego. This unique journey will be hosted by Alaskan Brewing Co.’s Coastal CODE (Clean Oceans Depend on Everyone), WEND Magazine and Alaska Airlines.

Loren Luyendyk – Santa Barbara, Calif.

Dream project:
“Turn plastic into a resource with small scale gasifiers, making it worth money so poor people in developing countries will be able to clean the beaches for a living.”

Luyendyk has over ten years of experience in the fields of sustainability and small-scale farming.  As a certified master gardener and arborist, Loren works with the goal of promoting an environment in which humans and nature can live harmoniously. This is also the goal of Surfers without Borders (SWOBs), a humanitarian and environmental aid organization he co-founded to reduce ocean pollution, promote sustainable development and mitigate the effects of travelling surfers. SWOBs has already started water bottle refill program and built sand water filters in coastal Central American communities.

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Surfers Without Borders Founder Loren Luyendyk to embark on a journey to Alaska with the Coastal CODE

sponsored by Alaskan Brewing Company

Surfers Without Borders is a Fiscally Sponsored Project of The Ocean Foundation

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Carbon Economy Santa Barbara - Courses and Events

The Carbon Economy series, convened by Quail Springs and Orella Ranch, with local and national partners, brings expert teachers to the Santa Barbara area this fall to share sustainable land management and zero waste systems design approaches with farmers, ranchers, land managers, business people, environmentalists, students, and citizens.

Public talk and training topics include sustainable land management, soil building agriculture and ranching, water conservation, permaculture and keyline design, carbon sequestration, zero waste systems, and relocalization.  These approaches benefit the environment, while resulting in greater productivity, efficiency, and financial stability for the practitioner and community.

Sustainable Land Management:
Holistic Management, Broadacre Permaculture, and Keyline Design
with Darren Doherty and Kirk Gadzia

November 10-15, 2009
Two Part Training - Orella Ranch, Gaviota, CA


ZERI - Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives
with Gunter Pauli

December 3-5, 2009
Training - Orella Ranch, Gaviota, CA

December 5, 2009
Evening Public Talk - Santa Barbara, CA


Pathways to Relocalization
with Joel Salatin

December 9-11, 2009
Training - Orella Ranch, Gaviota, CA

December 9, 2009
Evening Public Talk - Santa Barbara, CA


September 13 to 20 2009

Fall 2009

Past Events

Community Event for Sustainability

Saturday, October 24, 2009 from 6-9 p.m.

Santa Barbara Public Library, Faulkner Gallery

Event Focus
To promote the upcoming
Carbon Economy Series at the Orella Ranch (read more below) by bringing together local organizations to share ideas, projects, and resources regarding global warming, sustainable agriculture, permaculture, reduction of ocean pollution, or any other issue related to sustainability.

The aim is to create a forum about these subjects to raise awareness, build support, and increase our community resilience.

There will be a projector available to show short informational videos about projects, as well as a microphone for speaking.

Hosted by:
Orella Ranch
Surfers Without Borders

Other active participants so far include:
Loa Tree
Transition Town

Please spread the word as this is an open public event!

For questions or to participate please contact-
Aubrey Falk - 805-815-5657
Guner Tautrim - 805-698-8823

nursery at Orella Ranch

copyright 2011 Surfers Without Borders

site design by Loren Luyendyk and Aubrey Falk

We have begun a Marine Plastics Debris Study in Santa Barbara County to determine what beach trash is composed of.  Water bottles?  Food wrappers?  If we know the sources of plastic trash, we have a better chance of stopping it before it gets to the beach. 

The project goal is to clean the beach while determining the quantity, composition, distribution, and potential sources of debris in order to better manage the reduction of marine debris on the coastline and in the ocean.  We want to utilize the trash for data before taking it to the dump.


Come help clean the beach!  click here to volunteer!

July 25th 2010, 3-7 pm:  Rincon State Beach

August 29th 2010, 3-7 pm, :  Ledbetter Beach

September 26th 2010, 3-7 pm:  Campus Point

October 23rd 2010, 3-7 pm:  El Capitan State Beach

•The sampling method will be as follows:

1.All Sampling will be performed by volunteers

2.Sampling will be done during low tide

3.Transects will be run from the high tide storm line to the low tide line for one mile total length

4.GPS co-ordinates will be taken of the sampling area, as well as any debris over 5 pounds in weight

5.Collected debris will be sorted according to type and weighed

  1. 6.A form describing the type of debris, weight, and sampling location will be completed

  2. 7.All recyclable material will be taken to the Santa Barbara County Recycling facility

We expect that this project will provide raw data for use by public and private organizations on the composition, distribution, and quantity of marine debris in the Santa Barbara Channel.  An interactive map will also offer other organizations an opportunity to share their data, and it will provide a visual educational tool for use in schools.

The goal is to keep plastic out of the ocean.  We are also researching ways to utilize plastic “waste” as an energy source for electricity.

This project was funded by a grant from The Coastal CODE, a project of Alaskan Brewing Company.  An after-clean-up-party will follow all events with beer from Alaskan Brewing Co!

Please contact us with questions or comments, or to volunteer

Other Events


top: pet waste is worse in a plastic bag

right: two of the most common items

Tuesday November 16th, 2010 at 7:30 pm

A benefit for Blue Ocean Sciences

Kenji Williams presents


The Lobero Theater Santa Barbara

A stunning audio and visual voyage above our blue planet Earth set to ethereal beats and virtuoso violin

BELLA GAIA (Beautiful Earth) Successfully simulates space flight, is a 'Living Atlas' multimedia journey of our world, and expresses the deeply moving beauty of planet Earth as seen through the eyes of astronauts. Created by award winning director and classically trained violinist Kenji Williams, and in collaboration with NASA, BELLA GAIA(TM) features live performances by Williams and world music artists against a large-screen backdrop of orbiting visualizations of Earth from space.

watch YouTube clip

Blue Ocean Sciences "Waves" Program connects young people to their local environment, each other, and the future. It is the next generation, who through management of their land-based resources will maintain a healthy environment.

Event Outline:

VIP Dinner with Kenji at The Wine Cask before the presentation


Sustainable Social with local green businesses and non-profits in the Lobero Courtyard before event for general admission

Martial Arts Demo from Master Jang (Tiger Claw Performance)

Video from Blue Ocean Sciences

BELLA GAIA Presentation with Kenji Williams

After Party with drinks and special guests!

for information about vending please contact


$20 Early Bird

$20 Students

$50 general

$200 VIP Dinner and reception

Visit for tickets

or call (805) 963-0761 or 1-888-4LOBERO (1-888-456-2376)


events and more   

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You can help reverse ocean pollution!

Saturday December 4th, 2010

A Benefit for Surfers Without Borders

and Surf Happens Foundation

SWoBs is teaming up with Surf Happens Foundation, which focuses on environmental outreach programs, CPR & First Aid clinics, Surf Camp Scholarships, and surf days for kids with cancer. 

This Common-Unity Event will feature local companies, organizations, artists, and musicians who are creating work that makes a positive impact within the community and for the environment.

The evening at the Faulkner will include:
•	Live Music by OnE of Soul Majestic
•	Ocean inspired paintings will be on display and for sale from renowned local artists including: Aubrey Falk, Jeremy Harper, Robert Heeley, Matt and Ryan Moore, Rick Tontz and others.
•	Hand crafted Alaias by John Birchim of JayaWave
•	 “Solutions to Pollution Through Sustainable Design”- A short presentation by Founding Director of SWoBs Loren Luyendyk on Permaculture Design and video about Surfers Without Borders’ journey through Mexico, Central America, and Alaska.
•	Video by Surf Happens- “The Plastic Experiment”
•	Rincon Classic bike trophy painting demo
•	Silent Auction and raffle on surf gear and other great local products and crafts
•	Locally made appetizers and refreshments, including home-brewed beer and Wine 

Suggested Donation: $10

Help us to spread holiday cheer through our Common-Unity event. Please also bring a can of food or an unwrapped gift to provide to underprivileged families. All food and gifts will be distributed through Christmas Unity/ The Unity Shoppe.

Event sponsors:
Surf Happens Foundation (
Orella Stewardship Insitute (
LoaTree (
Arbor Santa Barbara (
Pizza Guru (
Chocolatl (
Oreana Winery (
Greatland Crafts (507-319-5665)
805 Printing (
Island Brewing Company (

Friday February 11th, 2011

Plastic to Oil Demonstration with E-N-ergy Inc.

at Orella Stewardship Institute

This last week, E-N-ergy visited Surfers Without Borders at the Orella Stewardship Institute to demonstrate the innovation that turns common household plastics into usable oil. The machines range from a small desktop units to large continuous processing machines and refiners that can handle up to multiple tons of plastic waste.

The Blest Be-h desktop unit was on hand converting plastic grocery bags, milk and water jugs, margarine and yogurt containers into oil that can run generators and other engines. The desktop unit is ideal for classrooms, small offices or home use. (click here to watch a video of the process)


Blest Corp Be-h desktop Plastic-to-Oil Machine

Past Events: